School of Liberal Arts & Creative Sciences

Courses in the School of Liberal Arts & Creative Sciences may be applied towards a certificate program or taken independently as continuing education courses.

The School of Liberal Arts and Creative Sciences explores the nature of consciousness by examining artistic expressions related to the topics studied in parapsychology and associated fields. Expressions of psi in the arts, human cultures, and historical accounts provide insight into the human experience of psi and methods that have been used to share these experiences with other people.

Beyond science there are other practical and viable approaches to understand consciousness, and this school introduces students to methods pursued by artists, anthropologists, and historians to recognize the lived experience of meaningful events that seem to indicate phenomena currently inaccessible to physical sciences. There is a great deal to learn about our world through a detailed examination of a series of related topics and a creative approach to the phenomena through the arts.

Students in the School of Liberal Arts and Creative Sciences often view psi phenomena in a very creative and expressive way. They are able to see the value of exploring human experiences and integrating the many facets of our lives to learn more about the unexplained or subtle experiences that can be very meaningful and transformative.

Major Areas of Study

Arts & Literature (4 courses)


Culture (6 courses)


History (6 courses)

  • Historical Overview of Parapsychology
  • Early Psychical Research (pre-1880) (4 weeks)
  • Telepathy, Mediums, & Apparitions (1880 – 1930) (4 weeks)
  • Parapsychology: The early years (1930-1985) (4 weeks)
  • Modern Parapsychology (1985 – present) (4 weeks)
  • People of Parapsychology


Associated Certificate Programs