School of Applied Sciences

Courses in the School of Applied Sciences may be applied towards a certificate program or taken independently as continuing education courses.

Applied sciences are practical applications and uses for scientific knowledge and research findings. Within the Rhine Education Center, the School of Applied Sciences provides practical applications of research findings in the field of parapsychology. An emphasis is placed on field investigations including exploring paranormal phenomena, but additional applications include methods to develop and use Remote Viewing, approaches to active dreaming, increasing intuition, perceptions external to the physical body, and similar topics.

Courses in this school emphasize a connection to the published scientific research and experiential practices developed and refined by experts. Utilizing the scientific foundations of the field of parapsychology, best practices are presented to assist students in designing, developing, and performing professional field investigations, and training techniques enhance their personal applications of psi.

Students in the School of Applied Sciences are often interested in exploring meaningful experiences and investigating unexplained phenomena. Many also want to become more efficient and effective in their personal practices by applying scientific findings.

Major Areas of Study

Field Investigations (8 courses)


Applying Concepts & Developing Psi (6 courses)


Associated Certificate Programs