Certificate Programs Offered by the Rhine Education Center

About the Certificate Programs

The Rhine Education Center offers certificates to students who successfully complete programs in the study of parapsychology. Each certificate requires the completion of specific courses. In order for a course to be applied to a certificate program, the course must be taken for a grade.

Students who wish to complete a certificate program must apply for the program by sending an email to administration@rhineeducationcenter.org. Review the academic policies for more details on how to apply for a certificate program from the Rhine Education Center.  All courses taken to complete a certificate program must be taken for a grade, and the student must specifically request that their progress is evaluated for a grade ineach course.

Not all courses can be applied to a certificate program.  It is the responsibility of the student to verify that the courses that are taken comply with the requirements for a certificate and that appropriate courses are being taken for a grade.

NOTE: The Rhine Education Center is not an accredited academic organization. The certificates offered are provided as a record of completion of the course programs from the Rhine, but they cannot be applied to a program in an accredited institution without the specific agreement of such an accredited institution.

Listing of Available Certificate Programs

  1. Introduction to Parapsychology Certificate of Completion
    Complete the course Introduction to Parapsychology with a passing grade.

  2. Scientific Parapsychology Certificate
    This program is designed for students interested in the scientific approach to psi and survial phenomena. It focuses on research and investigative techniques as well as terminology and literature associated with the the profession of parapsychology.

  3. Investigating the Paranormal: A Scientific Perspective Certificate
    Students interested in learning to investigate paranormal phenomena like apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists will find that this program provides the basic knowledge to begin formal investigations.

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  4. Field Investigations: Professional Certificate
    The Professional Certificate for Field Investigations is a complete examination of the methods and procedures that are used by researchers to explore topics like reports of reincarnation, near-death experiences, apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists, as well as spontaneous cases that occur in our daily lives - outside of the laboratory environment.

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  5. Expressing Conscious Living Certificate
    This program is designed for students interested in focusing on the arts, literature, culture, and history of parapsychology and psi. It includes an emphasis on liberal arts while providing a foundation in the science and experiences related to psi phenomena.

Legacy Certificate Programs

See list of updated certificate programs above. Only students who are already enrolled as of April, 2022 may continue with the legacy certificate programs.

  1. Academic Parapsychology Certificate
    Complete all 14 courses in the Academic Parapsychology Course Listing with 3 additional electives from the Additional Academic Course Listing.

  2. Advanced Academic Parapsychology Certificate
    Complete 24 courses in the Academic Parapsychology Course Listing and the Additional Academic Course Listing including the completion of a Parapsychological Research Study.

  3. Parapsychology Research Certificate
    Introduction to Parapsychology
    - Research Methods for Parapsychology
    - Quantitative Research Methods
    - Qualitative Research Methods
    - Introduction to Statistical Methods
    - Create your own study
    - 2 additional electives from the Academic Parapsychology Course Listing.

  4. History of Parapsychology Certificate (Currently Inactive)
    Introduction to Parapsychology
    - Inside the Rhine Lab: The Early Years
    - Parapsychology: The Early Years (I & III)
    - Telepathy, Mediums, Apparitions: The Beginnings of Parapsychology as a Science

    - Modern Parapsychology
    - People of Parapsychology

  5. Knowledge of Psi Phenomena Certificate
    - Introduction to Parapsychology
    - A Scientific Approach to ESP (was Science of ESP)
    - Dreams & Altered States of Consciousness
    - Psychokinesis and Healing
    - Human Consciousness and Survival Studies
    - Exploring Exceptional Human Experiences