Syllabus: Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

Course Description

This four week course will introduce you to the science, practice and potential of Lucid Dreaming, or the conscious realization of dreaming while in the dream state. Topics covered will include a variety of lucid dream induction techniques, methods to stabilize and explore the lucid dream state, scientific research on lucid dreaming and potential activities to engage in while lucidly aware (e.g., accessing creativity, enhancing emotional or physical health, engaging a responsive inner awareness, seeking information outside of one’s knowledge and conducting spiritual practices).

During the course, we will also take a special look at lucid dreaming and topics in the field of parapsychology, such as lucid dreams and deceased dream figures, precognitive and telepathic information in lucid dreams and more, along with thoughtful approaches to examining the results of personal experiments. We will also provide supportive advice for those who wish to use lucid dreaming for their own purposes.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Lucid Dreams

    1. Introducing Lucid Dreams

      • Improving Dream Recall
      • Simple Lucid Dream Induction Techniques
      • Understanding Levels of Lucid Awareness
      • History of Lucid Dreaming
      • Scientific Evidence Validating Lucid Dreaming
      • Not ‘Control,’ But ‘More Aware Relating’
    2. Having a Lucid Dream

      • Additional Techniques for Inducing Lucid Dream
      • How to Stabilize the Lucid Dream, and Prolong It
      • How Lucid Dreams End
      • Understanding How Lucid Dream Events Reflect Your Thinking & Beliefs
      • Moving in Lucid Dreams
      • Scientific Research on the Lucid Dream Experience
    3. Advanced Techniques

      • Advanced Techniques for Inducing Lucid Dream
      • How Lucid Dreams Differ from OBE’s, Sleep Paralysis, etc.
      • Thoughtfully Interacting with Dream Figures, Including Deceased Ones
      • Engaging the Awareness Behind the Dream
      • Accessing Information Across Space and Time
      • The Shadow and Other Concepts
    4. Applying Lucid Dreaming Techniques

      • Surrendering in Lucid Dreams
      • Using Lucid Dreams to Enhance Emotional and Physical Health
      • Living Lucidly or Transferring Lucid Insights into Your Waking Life
      • Meditating in Lucid Dreams (and Other Spiritual Practices)
      • Am I Dreaming Now?
      • Exploring Levels of Creativity in Lucid Dreams

Course Materials

Suggested Readings: Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple, by Robert Waggoner and Caroline McCready.

Course Activities

  • Students will be expected to view the class broadcasts or the recordings of the classes each week.
  • Students will be expected to participate in weekly discussion forums and activities. Each student will be expected to provide an original posting each week and to respond to at least one other student in the discussion forums. Greater participation in this area will be considered during class evaluations.
  • Additional practical applications of Lucid Dreaming and interactive activities may be included during the class.