Syllabus – Premonitions: A Peek into the Future

Instructors: Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD & Nancy L. Zingrone, PhD

About the course:

This 4-week course will focus on the people who have experienced premonitions and precognition and on the researchers who have studied them. Each week will include a live class broadcast, some suggested readings or videos, and a discussion forum on the topic of the week. There will also be a couple of class projects in which you’re invited to take part. Topics will include: seeing the future in the distant past; case collections from different eras and different cultures; the experiences of those who seem to have seen the future many times; premonitions of disasters and what they may say about destiny; and what we know about the content of premonitions and precognitive experiences from survey research.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Describe the history of case-based research into precognition and premonitions and give examples of some of the most memorable experiences.
  2. Discuss studies of individual cases and individual experiencers who have many premonitions over the course of a lifetime.
  3. Describe precognition of disasters and the difference between precognitive intuitions, dreams, and visions.
  4. Discuss the most common subjects of premonitions and precognition experiences, and the most common way in which people seem to get a glimpse of the future.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Introduction to Premonitions and Precognition (Alvarado)

Week 2: Single Case Studies and Case Collections (Zingrone)

Week 3: Precognition of Disasters (Alvarado)

Week 4: Experiencers with Many Premonitions and Survey Research on Precognition (Zingrone)

Class Materials

Suggested readings (articles, books, and blogs), YouTube videos, experiencer websites, links to presentiment researchers and their websites as well as links to websites that will help you continue studying this topic after the course is over.

To Get the Most out of the Class

Join us to watch the live broadcast or watch the recording at your leisure. Log into the REC Classroom, meet your classmates, join the discussions, and take advantage of the free materials uploaded to the classroom for further study. Take part in the two class projects.