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Courses Now Available - Summer 2020


      • Experiencing the Exceptional & Extraordinary (4 weeks)
        with Chantal Toporow, PhD
        Tuesday, August 11th - September 1st
        4:00pm - 5:30pm Eastern Time
        Tuition: $79 (Tuition Reduced!)

        NDEImage01This 4 week course will provide overview of the full range and depths of exceptional experiences, also known as anomalous events, including experiences of hallucinations, lucid and precognitive dreams, near-death and out-of body events, UFO sightings, alien abductions, psychokinesis, remote viewing, mysticism, anomalous healing, psi-events and past-lives.

        Experiencing the Exceptional and Extraordinary will evaluate whether there are underlying similarities among all the phenomena and the issues with moving forward with a new scientific paradigm.


      • Developing Your Intuition
        with Loyd Auerbach, M.S.
        Monday, Augsust 3rd - August 24th 
        7:30pm - 9:00pm Eastern Time
        Tuition: $79 (Tuition Reduced!) 

        StreamingConsciousnessThis course will cover the major findings of Parapsychology relating to what makes a person more (or less) intuitive/psychic and will include exercises that will help you both test and develop the abilities you may have aptitude for, including a remote viewing experiment and a "Telepathy" game you can play with your family and friends.

        In addition, we will discuss the importance of specific characteristics and beliefs, the range of beliefs about ESP around the world, how personal belief -- whether arrived at because of culture, religion, education or family upbringing -- can effectively support or block psychic experiences, and how to assess psychic readings.


      • Remote Viewing (4 weeks)
        with Paul H. Smith, PhD
        Wednesday, August 5th - August  26th

        7:00pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time
        Tuition: $99

        RemoteViewingExperienceThis 4-week online introduction to remote viewing (RV) will discuss RV’s origins and history, scientific protocols, methodologies, applications, success stories and failures, explanatory theories, skeptical critiques, and much more, including brief instruction to the RV process and an opportunity to perform your own remote viewing session during the course of instruction. The controversy surrounding teaching of remote viewing will be discussed, and you will be introduced to the roles played in remote viewing by some of the most significant personalities in the field, including such luminaries as Ingo Swann, Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, Joseph McMoneagle, Ed May, and others.


      • ProfParanormalsmPsi in Movies, TV, Literature, & Comics (4 weeks)
        with Loyd Auerbach, M.S.
        Tuesday: August 11th - September 1st
         7:30pm - 9:00pm Eastern Time
        Tuition: $79 (Tuition Reduced!)

        This fun course will explore movies, TV (fictional and reality), and literature and separate the truth from fiction. It will explore how popular culture is influenced by psi experiences, beliefs, and misconceptions about the phenomena.  More importantly, it will explore how media representations of psi influence the public's beliefs in and about psi, even to the point of affecting how people experience psi events when they happen. 


Other Courses Offered


Courses offered by the Rhine Education Center are designed as professional courses to provide education in Parapsychology. Students are able to participate in weekly discussion forums and progress is evaluated throughout the courses.

Many courses are strictly for informational purposes, but some courses can be applied to certificate programs offered by the Rhine Education Center.  Though not an accredited institution, the Rhine Education Center provides a professional educational opportunity for students.

Classes are broadcast once a week, but they are also recorded if you are not able to attend the live broadcast.  You can watch the recordings and post in the forums at your convenience.

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